Coffee Pros

Coffee Los Angeles

Interview: coffee pro Zayde Naquib (Bar Nine Collective)

Zayde Naquib worked in post-production and clocked time in South Bay coffee bars and Santa Monica’s Espresso Cielo before teaming with Jereme Pitts on Bar Nine Collective, a coffeehouse, roastery and platform for culinary...
Coffee San Francisco

Interview: Saint Frank Coffee founder Kevin Bohlin

Kevin Bohlin is a one-time middle school teacher and student of theology and cultural anthropology who parlayed his passion for specialty coffee into work for Ritual Coffee Roasters. Now he runs Saint Frank Coffee...
Coffee Bay Area

Interview: coffee pro Brooke McDonnell, Equator Coffees & Teas

Brooke McDonnell is the Master Roaster for Equator Coffees & Teas a Bay Area purveyor of fine coffees that she founded with Helen Russell that has received many accolades. Recent kudos include 1st Place...
Barista Los Angeles

Interview: coffee pro Christopher “nicely” Abel Alameda

Christopher “nicely” Abel Alameda has spent over a decade working in specialty coffee, starting in Seattle with Espresso Vivace. Fellow coffee pro Kyle Glanville (now with G&B) recruited nicely to relocate to L.A. He...
Coffee Seattle

Interview: Laila Ghambari (Caffe Ladro Director of Education)

You could say coffee is Laila Ghambari’s blood. The longtime coffee pro grew up visiting the Seattle cafés owed by her father’s coffee company, went on to compete in the 2012 United States Barista...
Coffee Seattle

Interview: Coffee Pros Dana Foster + Celeste Clark (Zoka Coffee)

The Seattle coffee scene has a long and proud history but remains a small close-knit community. At my first-ever coffee cupping, I was fortunate to meet Dana Foster, the Director of Coffee and Green...