Coffee Pros

Coffee Seattle

Interview: Coffee Pros Dana Foster + Celeste Clark (Zoka Coffee)

The Seattle coffee scene has a long and proud history but remains a small close-knit community. At my first-ever coffee cupping, I was fortunate to meet Dana Foster, the Director of Coffee and Green...
Coffee Seattle

Interview: coffee pro Velton Ross (Velton’s Coffee Roasting Co.)

Oregon native Velton Ross moved to Seattle for college, and “became quickly enamored with the city and the extensive coffee culture.” He operates Velton’s Coffee Roasting Company in the Lowell neighborhood of Everett, Washington,...
Coffee Washington D.C.

Interview: Amanda Salisbury (Dolcezza Director of Coffee)

Amanda Salisbury is D.C. native who’s logged time in Maryland and now works as the Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato Director of Coffee. She presides over coffee programs at the company’s four storefronts in Washington, D.C.,...
Coffee Professional

Interview: Khristian Bombeck (Alpha Dominche + Steampunk)

Khristian Bombeck is a longtime coffee pro and snowboarding junkie who ran a coffee roastery and café with wife Heather for over a decade in Bozeman, Montana. They relocated to Salt Lake City to...
Coffee Long Beach

Interview: coffee pro Wade Windsor (Lord Windsor Roasters)

Miami native Wade Windsor moved to California for surfing and studies and eventually settled in Long Beach with wife Lindsay. They operate Lord Windsor Roasters near downtown, where Wade roasts coffee according to a...
Coffee New York City

Interview: coffee pro Sam Penix (Everyman Espresso)

Sam Penix grew up in the spring training hub of Sarasota, Florida, moved to New York and fell for specialty coffee at Gimme! He joined Everyman Espresso, became the owner and now operates two...