Food of the Week

Fried Chicken Los Angeles

Top Restaurant Crispy Fried Chicken (Food of the Week)

My brother-in-law Spencer mentioned the fried chicken at Top Restaurant many times, but I never had a reason to visit this east Pasadena strip mall. Somehow the stars aligned for a family dinner at...
Waffle Los Angeles

New Fusion Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles (Food of the Week)

New Fusion in Arcadia is a sprawling Hong Kong style café that opened in 2014 and features BBQ meats up front, dim sum, and a huge menu of Chinese and Western-ish food. The owners...
Steak Banff

Chuck’s Steakhouse Ribeye (Food of the Week)

Banff is far better known for outdoor adventure than food, but I did have one strong dinner at Chuck’s Steakhouse, an ambitious meat-focused destination on the second floor of a mountain-facing downtown building. Banff...
Chinese Food Calgary

Calan Hand Pulled Noodle in Beef Soup (Food of the Week)

My family had one meal left in Calgary before driving to Canmore and Canada’s Civic Holiday severely limited our choices. Earlier in the trip, I’d researched demographics and saw Chinese-Canadians accounted for 10% of...
Colombian Food Cali

Platillos Voladores Pescado Chontaduro (Food of the Week)

Destination weddings are typically to places like Martha’s Vineyard and the Bahamas. My childhood friend Ben had other ideas, inviting friends and family to join him in Cali, Colombia, near where his wife Karol...
Colombian Food Rozo

Siga La Vaca Ubre (Food of the Week)

My high school friend Ben had a true destination wedding, gathering close friends and family to the outskirts of Cali, Colombia, which is where his wife Karol was born and raised. The morning after...