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Although the most famous restaurant in Miami is Joe’s Stone Crab,, you can wait almost as long for a table at the very old fashioned Captain’s Tavern, a cozy old restaurant that also has a popular fish market. This is the type of once common fish house crammed with kitschy nautical antiques and faux pirate decor. It is by no means a gourmet paradise and yet I would challenge anyone to find more perfectly cooked pompano anywhere, even in New Orleans. I had mine grilled, with a little Old Bay seasoning, lemon and butter. It was paradise. Although I grew up in Miami, I first had pompano in New Orleans, after having read James Beard’s declaration that it is the sweetest fish in the world (which it is!). Finding fresh pompano is not easy, especially in the Northeast nor is it always available in Miami. In New York, it is occasionally available at such top fish emporiums like the Grand Central Oyster Bar and Milos, but not even those fine restaurants can compete with the fresh caught Florida pompano served at the Captain’s Tavern. Although there are some spicy Jamaican influenced presentations at the Captain’s Tavern, they are not as successful as when they stick to the basics. Fresh fish flawlessly grilled or broiled.

Address: 9625 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33156
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