Bishop’s Orchards: Showcasing Acres of Apples Since 1871

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Farm Sign Connecticut

The Bishop family farm has thrived for generations.

Since 1871, Bishops have grown several varieties of fruits and vegetables on their 320-acre plot, but the gigantic apple that crowns the Bishop’s Orchards sign leaves little doubt about the family’s specialty. Thankfully, apples were still in season.

Apples Connecticut

The grocery store stocked several apple varieties, including Stayman, Ida Red, Red Delicious and Empire. The Bishops clearly know what to do with apples after they’re picked. After all, the family has farmed for almost 140 years.

Apple Cider Connecticut

The Apple Cider Chugger ($1.25) featured apple juice with sweet silt at the container’s bottom.

Apple Pie Connecticut

Bishop’s had traditional double crust apple pie, of course, along with a crumb-top variation.

Apple Dumpling ($2.25) was basically a sugar and cinnamon sweetened apple baked in a pastry crust. Simple but effective. Apple Caramel Tea Bread ($3.99) was probably the best find, especially warm and spread with butter. The moist bread featured a caramel-sweet crumble top and bits of apple.

Donuts Connecticut

Apple Cider Doughnuts ($3.49 for six) weren’t especially apple-y, but fluffy old-fashioned doughnuts lined with sugar granules are still worth buying. Always.

Bishop’s Orchards: Showcasing Acres of Apples Since 1871


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