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Tara Maxey

Vegetables Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Haricot Verts

This girl comes from the ‘burbs, and in the ‘burbs my mom cooked roast in a bag, opened a can of green beans and hollered out, “Dinner!!!” Well folks thanks to my sidekick Matt,...
Melon Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Melon

This last Tuesday we went to Canele for Amy Pressman & Nancy Silverton’s guest cheffing Burger Night. It was a prix fixe menu which began with cubed Weiser Farm Melons topped with Cowgirl Creamery...
Strawberries Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Strawberries

Yesterday we went to the Santa Monica Farmers Market with the intent of zeroing in on whatever is fabulous. The heirloom tomatoes are abundant and transcendent. The Pineapple Tomato from Munax Ranch of Paso...
Avocado Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Avocados

Everybody knows how to make guacamole, right? Sure you do. Mash up a ripe avocado, squeeze some lime juice, season with salt and pepper and maybe toss in some cilantro, chopped tomatoes, jalapeno (seed...
Corn Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Corn

It’s grill time again! Come on, it’s summer… Beautiful weather, bountiful harvest, what better time is there to cook outside? And what better to cook than summer corn? The markets are full of gorgeous...
Tomatoes Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Heirloom Tomatoes

Okay so there’s going to be a real narrow theme for this column…Heirloom tomatoes, salt and pepper. Throw in some burrata cheese, but not necessary, and the best olive oil you can get your...