12 Fun Facts from Linton Hopkins’ Pebble Beach Cooking Demo

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Chef Atlanta

Linton Hopkins showcased mayo’s range at Pebble Beach Food & Wine. [Coastal Luxury Management]

Linton Hopkins, chef-owner of Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch in Atlanta, took part in 2014 Pebble Beach Food & Wine. For his cooking demo inside the Jenn-Air Culinary Pavilion at The Inn at Spanish Bay, he prepared two dishes featuring mayonnaise, including a shrimp salad roll and crab cake. Here are 12 of my favorite fun facts and quotes from Linton Hopkins.

1. On BLT: “Without that M, you have a nice salad on bread.”

2. “Inside yolks is this wonderful protein called lecithin. That allows oil and water to combine. What helps that process is allowing the temperature to rise, and salt.”

3. “With onions and butter and good observation, I should be able to make something delicious.”

4. “If you don’t like mayonnaise, you haven’t had my mayonnaise.”

5. “The ingredient that goes with every other ingredient on the planet: bacon.”

6. “Think about your cooking as how few ingredients can you use to impress people.”

Pebble Beach Food

Linton Hopkins prepared a Southern style shrimp roll for his demo. [Coastal Luxury Management]

7. “A truffle does not have any inherent nobility. It’s about nobility we assign to it.” He compared hog jowl and grits versus guanciale con polenta.

8. “If you want to survive in a professional kitchen, you’ll need only three phrases: “Ou, Chef” “No, Chef” and “I’ll do better next time, Chef.”

9. “$8 for a crab cake? You’re paying a lot of money for bread. If you see $12, you’ll probably get about 98% crab.”

10. “All desserts want to be vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.”

11. “If it says “cooking wine” or “cooking sherry,” you should not cook with it. You should cook with a wine you would like to drink.”

12. “It’s not about fixing the world. Just fix mayonnaise, and you will have improved the world so much.”


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