1010: Hunan Salvation at 11th Hour in Taipei

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Restaurant Sign Taipei

My first two restaurant choices closed, and it was almost strike three, but 1010, located on the sixth floor of the Eslite Bookstore building, bailed me out with stylish Hunan-style cuisine.

Chinese Food Taipei
Pork Rib with Chili and Fennel Spices, deep fried but juicy, appeared with a mess of fried seeds, scallions and chilies. Flavors and contrasts were impressive, but the portion was paltry.

Chinese Food Taipei
Dong-An Chicken was a simple but satisfying sauté of sliced chicken and a tangy sauce of ginger strands, red bell pepper and scallions.

Chinese Food Taipei
Sautéed Shredded Potato with Vinegar paired well with red bell pepper and scallion.

Fruit Drink Taipei
Iced Lychee Drink, strewn with strands of lime peel, was refreshing after walking in the humidity.

1010 wasn’t my first choice, but I still would have found the experience satisfying if it was.


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