10 Great California Marzens & Fest Biers

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Food GPS beer editor Sean Inman chooses 10 great California beers by style.

Checking my list of Marzens and Fest biers vs IPAs that are brewed in California leads to a large discrepancy.  Still, with the SoCal summer/Autumn hybrid sneaking up on us, the time is nigh to list out a group of Germanic beers that will give those new to California beers a head’s up when talking about the style.

To add a twist, instead of describing the beer or the brewery, instead I will offer up a food pairing for each beer. This is Food GPS, after all.

1. Dead Ringer from Ballast Point Brewing in San Diego

Let’s pair this with a Manchego cheese with it’s characteristic buttery notes from the sheep milk. The cheese will liven up the staid beer.

2. Oktoberfest 2014 from Figueroa Mountain Brewing in Buellton

A grilled pork chop offers up a very nice counterpart to a Marzen without going overboard like a grilled steak might. But you would still get the great caramel notes from both.

3. Oaktoberfest from Firestone Walker Brewing Co. in Paso Robles

A carnitas taco with a corn tortilla would make for that unique food and beer pairing. Just don’t make it too spicy.

4. Oktoberfest from Angel City Brewery in Downtown Los Angeles

Fried chicken also serves up a pairing that lets the malty sweetness of the beer shine through.

5. Buckwheat Oktoberfest from Cismontane Brewing in Rancho Santa Margarita

Pretzel. Not the hard grocery store in a bag kind, but a big soft and warm salted knot. Add some more cheese with it, maybe a Comte.



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