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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Pliny the Younger Rips Through L.A. Like a Tornado

The Daily Pint sold out of their keg in only four minutes. At Blue Palms Brewhouse, it took a mere seven minutes to hit bottom. Verdugo Bar co-owner Brandon Bradford had to console despondent...
Brewmaster Sonoma County

Interview: Russian River brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo

Russian River brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo has become a beer industry giant, but he started out making wine. It wasn’t until he grew impatient with the fermentation process that he embraced beer. The self-taught brewer...
Brewery Logo Sonoma County

Russian River Brewing Company: Drinking Craft Beer in Waves

If beer geeks ever decide to chisel a Mt. Rushmore of California brewmasters, there’s a good chance that Vinnie Cilurzo will make the cut. He started in San Diego at Blind Pig, where many...