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Chef New York City

Interview: Todd English Discusses What He Has to Learn, New Dishes, Home Cooking + Tequila

Chef Todd English has sprinkled restaurant concepts across the U.S. and even offers food in international waters. He was born in Texas, raised outside of Atlanta and became synonymous with Boston when the CIA...
Cocktail New York

Mayahuel: Mezcal, Beer Cocktails + More in the East Village [CLOSED]

Mezcal and tequila are having their moment, and those spirits are not just limited to Mexico City or Oaxaca mezcalerias anymore. Bartenders have expanded their focus beyond vodka, gin and whiskey to showcase the...
Tequila Festival Mexico

Tijuana Tequila Expo IX Spotlights a Signature Mexican Spirit

We rounded the corner at Tijuana’s jai alai palace and encountered a booze-soaked spectacle: twin rows of stalls as far as the eye could see dispensing unlimited pours of tequila. This was the ninth...
Tequila Los Angeles

“Meeting of the Great Minds of Tequila” at Rivera

It was standing room only in Rivera‘s “sangre,” a blood-red back room decorated with conquistador helmet lamps and walls crafted from backlit bottles of extra añejo tequila. Bartenders, bloggers, buyers and curiosity seekers paid...
Tequila Tasting Los Angeles

Tequila University at Ortega 120

It’s storming in Mexico and a band of Aztecs take shelter under a massive agave plant. Lightning strikes the plant and the core cooks, emitting an enticing ooze. The Aztecs consume the nectar and...
Tequila Tasting Los Angeles

Tequila Ocho Tasting at AMMO

Amy Sweeney has spent the past nine years building AMMO into a Hollywood restaurant with an ever-increasing commitment to seasonal, market-driven ingredients. She and executive chef Julia Wolfson have even extended that focus to...