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Tara Maxey

Pizza Los Angeles

Yolk & Flour Detroit Style Pizza [CLOSED]

Yolk & Flour, the new Cypress Park café and commissary from Heirloom LA founders Matthew Poley and Tara Maxey, serves market-driven California comfort food. For students at the nearby Nightingale Middle School, and for...
Pasta Los Angeles

Poley Debuts Fresh Pasta at Silverlake Wine Tasting

Silverlake Wine and Heirloom LA were a winning combination in October, November and February, so the Sunday tasting was nearly a sure thing. Charles Smith’s Walla Walla wines were good, but for me, this...
Caterer Los Angeles

Silverlake Wine: Giving Thanks at Gastro Friendly Shop

On October 12, Silverlake Wine hosted a special Sunday tasting featuring food from up-and-coming chefs Matthew Poley (savory) and Tara Maxey (sweet) of Michael’s on Naples and Heirloom LA catering. They prepared a sumptuous...
Wine Shop Los Angeles

Silverlake Wine: Showcasing Heirloom LA’s Food on Sundays

Three days a week, George Cossette, Randy Clement and April Langford host tastings at their sleek wine shop, which specializes in “small production, high quality, artisanal wines.” On Sundays, they host the mot ambitious...