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Ramen Los Angeles

Tsujita LA Annex Ramen (Dose of Vitamin P)

Tsujita LA rose to the top of the L.A. ramen heap when Takehiro Tsujita started serving lunch-time only tonkotsu (and tsukemen) on Little Osaka’s Sawtelle Boulevard in 2012, but that wasn’t enough for the...
Japanese Restaurant Los Angeles

Tsujita: Coaxing Extra Notes from Sawtelle Tsukemen Specialist

With my father and stepmother in Los Angeles for the first time in over two years, the goal was to share some favorite flavors that wouldn’t be available to the same extent in their...
Japanese Food Los Angeles

Tsujita Braised Pork (Dose of Vitamin P)

The hype surrounding Tsujita’s tsukemen reached a fever pitch by the time Takehiro Tsujita’s Tokyo import debuted on July 30, but the lunchtime dipping ramen wasn’t available for the first month of business, so...