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Sommelier Los Angeles

Interview: sommelier Eduardo Porto Carreiro

It’s no wonder that sommelier Eduardo Porto Carreiro has such eclectic tastes. He was born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in both Vienna and Maryland. At Cornell University, he majored in Applied Economics...
Sommelier Las Vegas

Interview: sommelier Phil Park (Restaurant Guy Savoy)

Phil Park is a native New Yorker who first became enamored with wine on the job at Park Avenue Café. He stepped up his interest and knowledge in Chicago, at Tru, before transitioning to...
Sommelier Los Angeles

Interview: sommelier Alex Weil (Bouchon Beverly Hills)

The firestorm surrounding Bouchon Beverly Hills reached inferno status by November 16, but hours before the bistro’s opening party, sommelier Alex Weil took the time to discuss his background and approach to the wine...