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Pasta Los Angeles

Heirloom LA Pasta Available Daily at Silverlake Wine

Fresh pasta magician Matthew Poley of Heirloom LA and pastry partner Tara Maxey have built a dedicated following at Silverlake Wine by cooking at the community-oriented wine shop’s Sunday tastings. Now Silverlake Wine is...
Chefs Big Sur

Big Sur Bakery Feted at Silverlake Wine

California is often divided into two camps – Los Angeles and San Francisco – but that still leaves a lot of gastro ground to cover. Over the past decade, a restaurant that’s built one...
Corn Los Angeles

“Market Driven” Corn

It’s grill time again! Come on, it’s summer… Beautiful weather, bountiful harvest, what better time is there to cook outside? And what better to cook than summer corn? The markets are full of gorgeous...
Pasta Los Angeles

Poley Debuts Fresh Pasta at Silverlake Wine Tasting

Silverlake Wine and Heirloom LA were a winning combination in October, November and February, so the Sunday tasting was nearly a sure thing. Charles Smith’s Walla Walla wines were good, but for me, this...
Wine Shop Los Angeles

Silverlake Wine Tasting with Heirloom LA: Grape Friendly Food

Chef Matthew Poley from Heirloom LA catering and Michael’s on Naples always makes great food. That’s a given at this point, but what took me by surprise at the Silverlake Wine tasting was the...
Best Food Of The Year

2008 Top 15 Los Angeles Dishes

Learn about the Top 15 Los Angeles dishes that I ate in 2008, regardless of cuisine or price level. These devastating dishes appear in alphabetical order, not according to my level of enjoyment, which...