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Santa Fe

Bartender Santa Fe

Interview: bartender Chris Milligan (Secreto Bar)

It’s natural to focus on the vibrant cocktail cultures in big cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but there are also noteworthy bartenders on the fringes. For example, Chris Milligan was...
Brewmaster Santa Fe

Interview: brewmaster Brian Lock (Santa Fe Brewing)

When people think of Santa Fe, certain thoughts spring to mind: picturesque mountains, adobe buildings and strings of dried chilies. Craft beer has been pretty far down the line, but Santa Fe Brewing Company...
Southwest Food Santa Fe

The Shed: Swapping a Burro for a Prince in Santa Fe

There aren’t many opportunities to eat in a building that dates to 1692, but that’s just what the Carswell family offers to tourists and locals in central Santa Fe. The Shed originally occupied an...
Food Festival Santa Fe

Taste of Santa Fe Gala at New Mexico History Museum

Organizers applied the paddles to Taste of Santa Fe, found signs of life, and were once again able to offer festivalgoers a sampling of the city’s best restaurants. On July 16, the New Mexico...
Breakfast Santa Fe

The Pantry: Tackling Serious Southwest Breakfast in Santa Fe

Santa Fe takes breakfast seriously, with compelling options that include Cafe Pasqual’s and Guadalupe Cafe, both of which we enjoyed on the recent food blogger getaway. However, neither compared to the homestyle wonders of...
Chocolate Shop Santa Fe

Kakawa: Reviving Meso American Traditions to Yield Chocolate

Santa Fe features New World history that dates to 1607, when Spanish conquistadors first set foot in northern New Mexico. That’s impressive for sure, but Peter Wolf decided to dig deeper, drawing on Meso...