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Craft Beer Monrovia

Monrovia Neighbors, Famille + 8 Bit in K-Town

Los Angeles has clusters of breweries. Torrance has a grouping that are within a short drive of each other, and Arts District has a herd of breweries within walking distance, but Monrovia has them...
Craft Beer San Diego

White Labs Leeuwenhoek Saison (Drink of the Week)

It’s become hard to stand out in San Diego, which has built one of America’s most robust craft beer scenes, but White Labs provides key yeast and fermentation knowledge to brewers and guests. Their...
Brewery Los Angeles

Hallelujah! Congregation is Brewing

Brewpubs were in vogue back in the early days of what was then called micro-brewed beer.  Then came the great shake-out and many fell away, never to return. Back then it was breweries with...
Breweries California

Friendly Banter about Craft Beer

Two heavyweights of the SoCal brew scene battled it out over a week ago as the website Brewbound presented Brew Talks.  OK, battle is overly harsh.  It was more friendly banter about two competing...