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Rose Bowl

Beer Festival Los Angeles

L.A. Vegan Beer & Food Festival Takes Over the Rose Bowl

Three years ago, an event that started in a parking lot with only three breweries and a couple of food trucks has now grown to 80 total vendors and moved to the Rose Bowl...

LA Street Food Fest 2012 @ The Rose Bowl

LA Street Food Fest returned to the Rose Bowl, with dozens of food trucks, stands, carts and chefs delivering their take on street food, ringing the stadium on a sweltering summer day. A lot...
Food Festival Los Angeles

Food GPS Giveaway: L.A. Street Food Fest Tickets

On July 16, L.A. Street Food Fest founders Shawna Dawson and Sonja Rasula bring their gastronomic mega event back to the Rose Bowl, far from the vehicular chaos of Carmageddon that may very well...