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Banh Mi Los Angeles

Valley Sandwiches Pork Meatball Banh Mi

The West Valley quietly has quietly carved out an interesting Vietnamese food scene far from any freeway. Valley Sandwiches may be the best option, a tiny Reseda restaurant from Lam Nguyen that houses just...
Afghan Restaurant Los Angeles

Khybar: Bold Afghan Fare That Belies Namesake Treachery [CLOSED]

The house salad should have given it away, or maybe the fact that a second Afghan restaurant served pizza, but for some reason, it took a post-meal chat with owner Mohammed Yasin Safdari to...
Persian Restaurant Los Angeles

It’s All Good House of Kabab: Talk About An Understatement

“We close at 7, so if you want food, get here in ten minutes.” It was 6:45, so we placed our order, hit the gas and raced up the 101 to reach It’s All...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Sako’s Mediterranean Cuisine: Turkish Delights in the Valley [CLOSED]

Sako’s Mediterranean Cuisine is one of the only restaurants recognized as Turkish in Los Angeles, and based on today’s lunch, that’s a shame. Sako’s Mediterranean Cuisine originated in Granada Hills and moved behind the...