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Bartender Los Angeles

Interview: beverage pro Paul Sanguinetti (Ray’s & Stark Bar)

Paul Sanguinetti grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts, started as a chef, added wine to his repertoire, and now works as the Ray’s and Stark Bar‘s Beverage Director when he’s not rapping or revamping...
Fish Los Angeles

Ray’s and Stark Bar: Adding Culinary Cache to LACMA

Museum restaurants have long been considered the domain of institutional dining, at least in Los Angeles, where cafeteria-style service, uninspired sandwiches and salads, and a quick finish are de rigueur. That kind of model...
Chile Relleno Los Angeles

Ray’s Chile (Dose of Vitamin P)

The plan was to swing by the preview for LACMA’s new Stark Bar, grab a quick drink and continue across town to my intended Brentwood destination, but a couple of complimentary starters stopped me...