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Popsicle Los Angeles

Los Angeles Popsicles Worth Seeking

Summer calls for cool refreshment, and one of the best frigid options is the no-longer-humble popsicle. Ice or milk-based bars are flavored with nearly unlimited options. If you prefer your popsicles with alcohol, Corazon...
Popsicles Los Angeles

Mateo’s Guayaba Paleta

Priciliano Mateo has proven to be quite the palata maven, with multiple Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruit Bars locations scattered throughout Los Angeles, and certainly one of the city’s largest popsicle varieties. Expansion has...
Popsicles Hawaii

Interview: OnoPops co-founder Josh Lanthier-Welch

Characters in The Odyssey could probably appreciate Josh Lanthier-Welch’s path. The co-founder of OnoPops grew up in Hawaii and set sail for University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a degree in English Literature...
Popsicles Los Angeles

Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruity Bars: Riding the Popsicle Rainbow

Priciliano Mateo’s flagship location for his burgeoning fruit-fueled empire, Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruity Bars, resides in an otherwise-dingy strip mall just outside the Southwestern border of Koreatown. Don’t let the location dissuade you;...
Vietnamese Restaurant Orange County

Thuy’s Food To Go & More: Exotic Vietnamese Popsicles [CLOSED]

Gustavo Arellano, the OC Weekly authority on all things Mexican, doubles as an entertaining restaurant writer, scouring Orange County on a regular basis to unearth global meal deals like Thuy’s Food To Go &...