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Coffee Paso Robles

Spearhead Coffee Matt’s Aztec Mocha (Drink of the Week)

Paso Robles, a destination for wine, food, and Firestone Walker Brewing Co., was sorely missing specialty coffee. That is until Joseph Gerardis, Matt Klomp, and Jeremy Sizemore opened Spearhead Coffee on January 1, 2015....
Craft Beer California

Acid Trip

I dropped acid last weekend. No, this column isn’t about drugs now and no it wasn’t the acid you probably are thinking of right now. It was pH education at Firestone Walker Brewing Co....
Beer Festival

THE Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest

There are festivals where you leave and feel like you missed out on special tappings or super-secret pours and then there is the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest where you could miss more than...
Craft Beer Paso Robles

Journey to the Center of the Barrel

Those of you who follow the nascent exploits of the newly formed L.A. Beer Bloggers group via the social media interwebs by now know that Firestone Walker Brewing Company treated our group to a...
Brewmaster California

12 Recent Beers From Top Craft Breweries

On June 9 in Paso Robles, at the inaugural Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest, I asked participating craft beer pros, What was the most recent beer that you brewed, and what was your inspiration...
Farmers Paso Robles

Windrose Farm: Paying Respect to Paso Land with the Spencers

Good fortune shone on February 24. We were driving up the 101 freeway between L.A. and Monterey and stopped at the food-focused Templeton mini mall for lunch. We spotted the well-worn Windrose Farm truck,...