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Oysters Los Angeles

Miyabi Uni Miyabi Oysters

On social media and media coverage, sea urchin has become glamorized as an “it” ingredient in Los Angeles. Instagram posts starring uni are practically guaranteed to see a bump in likes, and chefs Isao...
Seafood Los Angeles

The Jolly Oyster Market Seafood [CLOSED]

Roving Californian Mark Reynolds and Baja-based business partner Mark Venus built on the success of Ventura’s Shuck Shack by expanding The Jolly Oyster to Torrance. You won’t find prepared food, or even seats, at...
Dinner San Francisco

Cockscomb Last Supper [CLOSED]

One dish that helped Chris Cosentino triumph over Kerry Heffernan in the finale of Top Chef Masters: Season 4 is now available at Cockscomb, his new restaurant in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood. Cockscomb is...
Oysters Seattle

Sushi Kappo Tamura Oysters

The fact that Seattle has a wealth of Pacific seafood is no surprise, and even though I enjoyed some beautiful, unadulterated bites during my #2daysinseattle tour of duty, it wasn’t until my final meal...
Restaurant Sign Tainan

Chen’s Oyster Rolls: Special Taiwanese Seafood in Tainan

We took a break from an epic Tainan street food crawl to take a boat ride down the mangrove-framed canal that runs alongside Cao Da-jhong Temple. Maybe it was the giant, prehistoric-looking crabs that...
Oysters Point Reyes

Hog Island Oyster Farm: Pursuing Bivalve Records at The Boat

Matthew “Mattatouille” Kang was out to set a record. At the Foodbuzz Mobile Feast in 2009, he camped out by the Hog Island Oyster Co. booth and preceded to shamelessly slurp three-dozen sweetwater and...