Marin County

Bridge San Francisco

2013 Top 10 San Francisco Bay Area Dishes

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities on the planet, and I was lucky enough to make six trips there in 2013. Learn about my 2013 Top 10 San Francisco Bay Area dishes,...
Restaurant Tomales Bay

The Marshall Store: Weathering Wind for Waterfront Seafood

Most people would probably call it a day after Hoovering five different preparations of Tomales Bay oysters, local white anchovies and clam chowder, but for me and Matthew “Mattatouille” Kang, that was just the...
Oysters Point Reyes

Hog Island Oyster Farm: Pursuing Bivalve Records at The Boat

Matthew “Mattatouille” Kang was out to set a record. At the Foodbuzz Mobile Feast in 2009, he camped out by the Hog Island Oyster Co. booth and preceded to shamelessly slurp three-dozen sweetwater and...
Restaurant Tomales Bay

Nick’s Cove: Winding Our Way to Standout Seafood

It’s hard to imagine a more pristine setting that the patio at Nick’s Cove a restaurant that overlooks Tomales Bay and anchors a renovated colony of cabins-turned-suites. Nick and Frances Kojich, along with Andrew...
Golden Gate Bridge

Farley Bar: Finding Hamburger Haven by Golden Gate Bridge

The minute we concluded our hike to Tennessee Beach on a glorious fog-free day, our attention immediately turned to our growing hunger. We decided to cash in our post-hike reward at Murray Circle, which...
Pizzeria Marin County

Pizzeria Picco: Enjoying Pizza and Soft Serve in Earthy Setting

San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer’s reviews previously led me to great pizza at Oakland’s Pizzaiolo and San Francisco’s A16, so my antennae started twitching when he proclaimed Pizzeria Picco‘s thin-crust pizza the...