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Niki Nakayama

Japanese Restaurant Los Angeles

n/naka: Niki Nakayama Brings Exquisite Kaiseki to Sleepy Palms

Niki Nakayama has slowly been building up to her current culinary vision. The talented chef grew up in L.A.’s Koreatown and points east. She first worked for famed sushi chef Morihiro “Mori” Onodera at...
Japanese Restaurant Los Angeles

Azami Chef Resurfaces in Arcadia at Inaka Seafood Gourmet [CLOSED]

Niki Nakayama, previously with Azami Sushi Café on Melrose, is now Executive Chef at Inaka Seafood Gourmet in Arcadia. By day, the fast-casual Japanese deli is primarily grab-and-go, with seasonal soups, sushi, rice bowls...