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Southwest Food Santa Fe

The Shed: Swapping a Burro for a Prince in Santa Fe

There aren’t many opportunities to eat in a building that dates to 1692, but that’s just what the Carswell family offers to tourists and locals in central Santa Fe. The Shed originally occupied an...
Southwestern Food Santa Fe

Cafe Pasqual’s: Trying to Match Magical Santa Fe Memory

Until recently, the sum total of my Santa Fe experience amounted to a single night in 1996. My brother and I drove cross-country, took a hard left in Phoenix, an equally hard right in...
Restaurant Sign Espanola

Angelina’s: Seeking Lamb Chicharrones and Chicos in Espanola

It’s not quite the Golden Rule, but Eating LA founder Pat Saperstein may have stumbled upon another tried and true expression when she sat down next to a stranger in Santa Fe Plaza: “Never...