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Chefs Los Angeles

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger Revisit CITY at Border Grill Every Leap Year

The bowl cut and Mohawk may be gone, but as long as there’s a leap year, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger will continue to revive CITY. The chefs ran their influential restaurant from...
Hotel Sign Los Angeles

NINETHIRTY: Setting Seasonal Standard in Westwood Village [CLOSED]

I always enjoyed my meals at South Pasadena’s Firefly Bistro, where Los Angeles native Monique King cooked with husband Paul Rosenbluh for years. He runs the entire Firefly kitchen since King decamped to NINETHIRTY....
Restaurant South Pasadena

Firefly Bistro: Thursday Night Tapas via South Pasadena Market [CLOSED]

Every Thursday evening, South Pasadena holds a farmers market on Meridian Avenue, near the Gold Line train station. The bounty of fresh produce includes wonderful baked goods, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Numerous vendors hawk...