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Interview: chef Ricardo Zarate (Picca + Mo-Chica)

Lima native Ricardo Zarate spent more than a year working two full-time jobs, heading the kitchen at Venice’s Wabi-Sabi while getting Mo-Chica rolling at Mercado La Paloma. All that effort apparently paid off. Mo-Chica...
Peruvian Food Los Angeles

Mo-Chica: Tasting Dinners Signal Growth for Ricardo Zarate [CLOSED]

Ever since Ricardo Zarate opened Mo-Chica at Mercado La Paloma in April 2009, he’s slowly been building momentum. The Lima native spent more than a year working two jobs, executive chef of Mo-Chica by...
Peruvian Food Los Angeles

Mo-Chica @ Hatchi

BREADBAR co-owner Ali Chalabi and chef Noriyuki Sugie have made repeated efforts to give inventive chefs a stage with their monthly “Hatchi Series.” On January 28, lauded Mo-Chica chef-owner Ricardo Zarate took to the...
Peruvian Restaurant Los Angeles

Mo-Chica: Embracing Homestyle Peruvian Cooking in Market [CLOSED]

The wonders of Mercado La Paloma have been well documented, including on this site, but The Dove Marketplace has never been better thanks to a Peruvian flavor injection from Lima-born executive chef Ricardo Zarate....