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Taco Baja

Buffalo BBQ Paceño Taco (Food of the Week)

Buffalo BBQ was one of my favorite restaurants in Baja California Sur during my 2012 culinary tour. Since then, Chef Carlos Valdez moved his flagship Mexican restaurant and grill from the center of La...
Taco Baja

El Sinaloense Fish Taco (Food of the Week)

Northern Baja is the birthplace of the fried fish taco as we know it, but that doesn’t mean Baja California Sur is unfamiliar with the concept. In Ensenada, they double-fry angelito (angel shark) or...
Mexican Food

Congreso Ensenada Gastronómica: Behind the Scenes with Mexico’s Best Chefs

A last second call to arms from Street Gourmet LA founder Bill Esparza led us to Ensenada and Congreso Ensenada Gastronomica, a conference that convened in the Hotel Coral event space, where top chefs...
President Mexico

Interview: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Discusses Food at Home and Around the Globe

On July 27, I had the opportunity to interview a world leader for the first time. I met with former Mexican President Vicente Fox at Bubba Diego’s in West L.A. He was in town...
Tequila Festival Mexico

Tijuana Tequila Expo IX Spotlights a Signature Mexican Spirit

We rounded the corner at Tijuana’s jai alai palace and encountered a booze-soaked spectacle: twin rows of stalls as far as the eye could see dispensing unlimited pours of tequila. This was the ninth...