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Meg Gill

Breweries California

Friendly Banter about Craft Beer

Two heavyweights of the SoCal brew scene battled it out over a week ago as the website Brewbound presented Brew Talks.  OK, battle is overly harsh.  It was more friendly banter about two competing...
Beer Festival

Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest

Paso Robles and the surrounding area is best known for wine, but maybe not for long. The brewery, which dates to 1996, is increasing production and points of excitement at a rapid clip, and...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Golden Road Brewing Rises in Atwater Village

I heard that lonesome whistle blow…That isn’t just the name of a Hank Williams song. It’s also a likely refrain for visitors to Golden Road Brewing, a new Atwater Village brewery situated alongside railroad...