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Meatloaf Los Angeles

Los Angeles Meatloaf Worth Seeking

Don’t let your meat loaf. One of my dad’s favorite sayings sure is funny, but it doesn’t quite hold true. Yes, most people like a good steak, shoulder or chop, but there’s something comforting...
Sandwich San Diego

Big Front Door Smokey the Meatloaf

In San Diego’s University Heights, Big Front Door is kind of a BFD. In 2011, Steve “Sheep” Riley, previously with San Diego stalwarts like Cucina Urbana, Kensington Grill, Chive and Indigo Grill, joined wife...
Restaurant Sign San Francisco

The Blue Plate: Seasonal Comfort Food at Bernal Heights Diner

Ip-market Bernal Heights diner The Blue Plate features Cook/Owner Cory Obenour’s seasonal comfort food in a casual setting. The restaurant’s been around since 1999, and it’s more popular than ever. Thanks to San Francisco...