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Cider Los Angeles

Pressed for Cider Time

L.A. has a wealth of choices for beer festivals. Heck, the 2nd weekend in August had five festivals! Known as a land of sequels and re-boots, Hollywood can be faulted for a general lack...
Train Station Sign Los Angeles

L.A. Beer Week Fest 2012 Slideshow

On September 30, 1,200 guests, dozens of staffers and volunteers, and over 70 breweries filled the Union Station courtyard for the fourth annual L.A. Beer Week Festival, braving blazing heat to help further craft...
Homebrew Los Angeles

Brewing Up a Storm

At 9 a.m. on an already broiling Sunday morning, I was watching (and helping a tiny bit) as the Yeastside Brewers held a club brew behind the new Eagle Rock Home Brew shop. Two...