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Water California


By now we should all know that we really need to conserve water.  I know that you don’t need a craft beer post to lecture on the California drought, but water is dramatically important...
Top 10 California

10 Great California Coffee Beers

If brewers can create something magical with malt and roasters can find fabulous flavors in a bean, then just imagine what the combination can do.  Thankfully, in California, we don’t have to wishful think. ...
Brewery Sonoma County

Craft Beer North of the Bay

Just north of the beautiful and foggy Golden Gate Bridge, in Sonoma County, you’ll find three very prominent California breweries.  And yet, until this year, I had never visited any of them, so last...

California’s Best Beers at GABF 2013

Despite the tantalizing temptation to taste rare or otherwise not-available-locally beers from the other states, I made it a point at this year’s Great American Beer Festival to sample the wares of the Golden...
Brewmaster Sonoma County

Interview: Lagunitas founder Tony Magee

Chicago native Tony Magee played in a reggae band and worked in the printing industry for nearly a decade before he became addicted to homebrew and decided to share it with the world. He...
Beer And Cheese Pairing

Cowgirl Creamery + Lagunitas @ Ford’s Filling Station

In Los Angeles, more people than ever are staging beer and cheese pairings, so it’s become increasingly difficult for the events to stand out. Given that, the powers that be at Ford’s Filling Station...