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Coffee Orange County

Kean Coffee Shakerato

Coffee may not scream relief during a heat wave, but Kean Coffee is where I landed during a summery streak that sent Southern California temperatures soaring above 100 Fahrenheit. The Italianate Newport Beach cafe...
Coffee Orange County

Kean Coffee: Specialty Coffee Pioneers Return to Tustin Roots

Not many coffee professionals can say they wielded a machete while leading expeditions to unearth Mayan ruins, but that’s exactly the case with Martin Diedrich, who just opened a second branch of Kean Coffee...
Coffee Orange County

Kean Coffee: Carrying On Family’s Caffeinated Legacy

No matter where I eat in Orange County, I inevitably combine the meal with a visit to Kean Coffee. There’s certainly excellent coffee in Los Angeles, but some of Kean’s specialty drinks still warrant...