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Kaffe 1668

Coffee Sign New York City

Kaffe 1668: Specialty Coffee Spinoff with Moody Swedish Aesthetics

When we took our initial survey of the Manhattan specialty coffee landscape in 2009, the café that offered one of the most complete experiences was Kaffe 1668, a spacious two-story establishment in Tribeca with...
Coffee New York City

Interview: coffee shepherd Jay Murdock (Kaffe 1668)

New York native Jay Murdock has worked in specialty coffee for almost a decade. He got started at Oren’s Daily Roast and criss-crossed the country, managing the high-volume Alcove Cafe in Los Angeles before...
Coffee New York City

Manhattan Coffeehouse Tour and Impressions

For years, Seattle was considered the nation’s coffee capital, but now the action has moved further south to Portland. Or has it? Several trusted coffee professionals seem to think that New York is currently...