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Pork Los Angeles

Playa Pork Belly at Test Kitchen (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Repeated meals at Rivera have convinced me that when John Rivera Sedlar is in the kitchen, it’s a very good idea to be on the receiving end. When word went out that he’d be...
Latin Restaurant Los Angeles

Rivera (Conexiones): A River Runs Through Latin America [CLOSED]

When chef John Rivera Sedlar opened Rivera with Bill Chait and designer Eddie Sotto in January 2009, their pan-Latin concept signaled a quantum leap forward for the downtown dining scene. Restaurant critic S. Irene...
Food Festival Santa Fe

Taste of Santa Fe 2010

It was a sweltering day at Railyard Park for Taste of Santa Fe, a revived food festival featuring some of the city’s best restaurants. New Mexico’s state capital is situated at 7000 feet elevation,...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Rivera Debuts Late Night Menu [CLOSED]

On Thursday to Saturday from 10:30 PM to midnight, Rivera now offers a late night menu, featuring food from Chef John Rivera Sedlar and cocktails courtesy of bartender Julian Cox. When it comes to...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Rivera: Presenting the Past and Future on One Plate [CLOSED]

For my first 11 years in Los Angeles, the city was largely devoid of high-end Latin restaurants, which was always mystifying given L.A.’s demographics. In the past two months, downtown has drawn restaurants like...
Chef Los Angeles

Chef Profile: John Rivera Sedlar (Rivera)

“It’s like a river going in and out of Spain, Portugal, South America, regional Mexico and the Caribbean. They’re all sort of woven together geographically, but they’re also drawn together chronologically.” Chef John Rivera...