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The Mill: On The Grind in San Francisco

Jeremy Tooker is clearly an impatient coffee pro. We first met him in the alley behind Four Barrel Coffee in 2008, when he set up a temporary coffee bar before the roastery/cafe opened in...
Coffee San Francisco

Four Barrel Coffee: Taking It Slow in the Mission

Like seemingly no other city, San Francisco has certain establishments that require precision timing. On Washington Square, Liguria Bakery routinely runs out of focaccia by noon. Conversely, Tartine Bakery doesn’t even begin to sell...
Coffee San Francisco

Interview: coffee pro Jeremy Tooker (Four Barrel)

Jeremy Tooker has been one of the more influential figures in San Francisco’s coffee community. The Portland native co-founded Ritual Coffee Roasters in the Mission District with Eileen Hassi in 2005. He left and...
Coffee San Francisco