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Korean Food Los Angeles

LaOn Dining: Contemporary Chosun Cuisine in Los Angeles [CLOSED]

Park’s Barbeque may be the pinnacle of Korean beef barbecue in L.A., but that restaurant and pork-centric Don Don Gam apparently weren’t enough for chef Jenee Kim, who opened LaOn Dining adjacent to Don...
Chef Los Angeles

Interview: chef Jenee Kim (Park’s Barbeque)

In 2003, Seoul University graduate and first time restaurant owner Jenee Kim franchised Seoul’s popular Park’s Barbeque and instantly raised the cow-grilling game in L.A.’s Koreatown. She built on Park’s success by opening pork-fueled...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Don Dae Gam Spicy Pork [CLOSED]

My first experience with Don Dae Gam revealed a dynamic Korean restaurant from Park’s Bar-B-Q owner Jenee Kim. The restaurant anchors a strip mall on the sound end of Koreatown, specializes in pork and...
Korean Restaurant Los Angeles

Don Dae Gam: Dine with Dynastic Officer at Park’s Pork Spinoff [CLOSED]

It helps to have friends who can read Korean newspapers; that’s how Scoops owner Tai Kim found out about Don Dae Gam; he in turn told me and Matthew “Mattatouille” Kang, and we all...
Korean Restaurant Los Angeles

Park’s BBQ: Chargrilling Prime Meat in Koreatown

Not many restaurants have the courage to line their facade with photos of raw meat platters. Park’s BBQ has no such qualms. On their facade, menu and business cards, Park’s alternately advertises itself as...