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Jason Neroni

Fried Chicken Event Los Angeles

Food GPS Fried Chicken Festival Celebrates Globally Beloved Dish with Top L.A. Chefs

The Food GPS Fried Chicken Festival is taking place on Sunday, September 15, from 4 pm to 7 pm at LOT 613 in the downtown L.A. Arts District. This chef-driven, all-inclusive event spotlights one...
Charcuterie Los Angeles

Superba Snack Bar Cold Cuts (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Jason Neroni continues to dial in the food at Venice’s stylish Superba Snack Bar, and that includes some powerhouse Cold Cuts to start culinary proceedings. Originally, he served a series of Mason jars, and...
Chef Los Angeles

Paul Hibler and Jason Neroni Go American Gonzo with Superba

It was all rather mysterious. Chef Jason Neroni, who we met while he was at Osteria La Buca, sent an e-mail inviting me to a “special preview for my new venture in Venice.” On...
James Beard

James Beard L.A. Chef Invitational at The Foundry

It isn’t very often that you’ll find 10 talented chefs and bartenders working side-by-side for a common cause. The Foundry on Melrose chef-owner Eric Greenspan knew just the name to drop to make that...
Pork Los Angeles

Jason Neroni’s Pressed Pork Pave (Dose of Vitamin P)

On October 19, Eric Greenspan assembled some of the nation’s top chefs and bartenders to participate in The James Beard Foundation L.A. Chef Invitational. The chefs duly honored the famous gastronome’s memory, as every...