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Chef Los Angeles

Interview: chef Michael Voltaggio (ink. + Breaking Borders)

For the first time since Michael Voltaggio edged brother Bryan in “Top Chef” Season 6, the inventive L.A. chef behind ink. and ink. sack returns to TV with “Breaking Borders.” In the Travel Channel...
Top 10 List

Top 10 Los Angeles Pork Dishes of 2014

Every Tuesday, Dose of Vitamin P celebrates my favorite pork dish from the previous week. To end the year, here are my 10 favorite Los Angeles pork dishes from 2014. Numbered establishments on the...
Pork Los Angeles

Ink. Lollipop Kale with Fried Pig Ears (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Despite persistent rumors, lollipop kale was not the food of choice for Munchkins on “The Wizard of Oz” set. Instead, the diminutive vegetable is apparently a hybrid of red kale and Brussels sprouts, and...
Hamburger Los Angeles

Week in Pictures: Bacon Waffles, Bibi’s Warmstone, Burger Night + More

Every week involves a steady stream of food, drinks and people. Of course not every taste or conversation is post-able, but the range of experiences is usually pretty amazing. Lucky me. Discover highlights from...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Michael Voltaggio Brings ink. to Los Angeles

L.A.’s most eagerly anticipated restaurant opening of 2011 is ink., the inaugural restaurant from avant garde chef Michael Voltaggio, who worked as chef de cuisine of The Bazaar and executive chef of The Dining...