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Pie Portland

Sweedeedee Salted Honey Pie

Eloise Augustyn’s north Portland cafe, Sweedeedee, is almost too charming for words. This former kaleidoscope factory connects to Mississippi Records, features a yellow and white awning, shelves of pickle jars, and lighting care of...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Arts District Busy Bee Honey Golden Ale

Arts District Brewing debuted to start December in the former downtown home of Crazy Gideon’s. The space is like a playground for adults, with skee-ball, ping-pong and darts indoors, and a patio with jumbo...
Cake Los Angeles

Adana Honey Cake

Edward Khechemyan, who’s of Armenian descent and whose father grew up in Iran, has run a restaurant called Adana for 16 years. Adana is the name of a city in southern Turkey, and you’ll...
Beekeeper Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Beeman Paul Cronshaw Explains Drones, Queens, Beekeeping, Botany and Liquid Gold

No, the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival wasn’t entirely about sustainable organic local consumption. The city’s inaugural event also featured plenty of educational programming on April 16 and 17, including a seminar starring Paul...
Mead Vancouver Island

Interview: mead maker + beekeeper Bob Liptrot (Tugwell Creek Meadery)

Seasoned beekeeper Bob Liptrot drew on ancient traditions to start fermenting mead professionally in 2003, partnering with Dana LeComte on Tugwell Creek Honey Farm & Meadery. Their farm is named for the area’s founding...

The Glutster Takes on Rivera’s Honey Tasting

Curious as I was when first asked to cover this event, I felt cloyed after having finished! A four-course tasting menu sponsored by the National Honey Board took place at the super hip and...