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Chef Los Angeles

Interview: Chef Minh Phan (Porridge + Puffs)

Chef Minh Phan is leading a new wave of highly personal Historic Filipinotown restaurants at Porridge + Puffs. Her seasonal restaurant builds on lessons learned at California School of Culinary Arts and at farm-to-table...
Porridge Los Angeles

Porridge + Puffs Yakimiso + Sausage Porridge (Food of the Week)

Chef Minh Phan recently returned to seasonal porridge patrol after a three-year absence by opening an airy Porridge + Puffs cafe in Historic Filipinotown. Her porridge is even better than I remembered from her...
Barbecue Los Angeles

The Park’s Finest San Pablo Pulled Pork (Dose of Vitamin P)

The Park’s Finest is a downhome, Filipino influenced barbecue joint from Johneric Concordia and his longtime friends in Echo Park that started with community driven backyard feasts and catering gigs and culminated with a...