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Hangar 24

Craft Beer Los Angeles

Put Craft Beer in the Blender

Blending has become big on the barrel-aged craft beer scene. Firestone Walker Brewing Co. and their Anniversary beers leap to mind as do the Gueuzes of Belgium that combine the young and old versions...
Sour Beer San Diego

The Hidden California Beer Festival Calendar

The beer year is getting filled with more and more events, which is a bit of a double-edged sword. Some events end up being missed amongst the forest of other craft beer gatherings and...
Top 10 List

2013 Top 10 Drinks

Every Friday, Drink of the Week celebrates my favorite beverage from the previous seven days. To end the year, here are my 2013 Top 10 Drinks, which appear in order of preference. 10. Hangar...
Shandy Los Angeles

Hangar 24 Helles Lager Spruce Shandy (Drink of the Week)

The Hermosillo, a neighborhood beer bar in Highland Park from Ross Stephenson, Michael Blackman and Dustin Lancaster, continues to add elements, including beer-friendly bar food and special offerings. On July 11, Stephenson featured Hangar...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

The Great Pumpkin… Beer

For a few years, pumpkin ales had a bad rap as a cheesy, novelty beer that only the gullible would try and did not even include pumpkins as an ingredient. Just pumpkin pie spices...
Brewery Logo Los Angeles

New Fermentations

I feel that I have been remiss in my beer alert duties. There are some new breweries that I should have put on your radar before now. Let’s go through the list alphabetically, starting...