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Korean Food Los Angeles

Han Mi Jung Goat Marinara (Food of the Week)

A parking sign featuring a bearded goat with twin horns makes the focus clear at Han Mi Jung, a restaurant that’s promised “the taste of Korea” just south of Koreatown since 2012. Goat is...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Bulrocho: Tabletop Goat Stew Bubbles Over in Koreatown

It might be hard to tell considering the steady crowds at Park’s BBQ, but the strip mall at 955 South Vermont Avenue does feature more than one compelling eating option. Somehow, Jonathan Gold’s LA...
Goats Los Angeles

The Pantheon of Animals #9: The Goat

There’s a famous passage in the Bible where Jesus of Nazareth declares that in heaven he will divide the sheep from the goats, with the sheep destined for the pearly gates and the goats...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Chin-Go-Gae: Getting Your Korean Goat [CLOSED]

Since we’d been to Chin-Go-Gae, one member of our 4-person eating group – Krystal – dubbed this EATZ meal REPEATZ. The Chin-Go-Gae menu sits in a plastic stand on the table and features eight...