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Chinese Food Los Angeles

Seafood Village Snow Fish with Garlic Sauce (Food of the Week)

Meals don’t get more enjoyable than Sunday dinners in the San Gabriel Valley. Restaurant options are nearly unlimited, traffic’s lightest, and friends are normally happy to make the trek to feast at Chinese restaurants....
Vietnamese Food Orange County

Song Long Cha Ca Thanh Long (Food of the Week)

Sizzling fish has proliferated in Little Saigon, America’s best developed bastion for Vietnamese cuisine. The inspiration for this dish, which often goes by Cha Ca Thanh Long in the Orange County enclave, was Cha...
Bridge San Francisco

Top 10 San Francisco Bay Area Dishes of 2013

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities on the planet, and I was lucky enough to make six trips there in 2013. Here are my 10 favorite foods from the Bay Area from...
Congee Hong Kong

Mui Kee Congee with Fish (Food of the Week)

We’d already enjoyed congee three days out of four, which would more than fulfill my yearly quota for rice porridge in Los Angeles, when when in Hong Kong, congee is king for breakfast, and...
Fish Hong Kong

Ronin Triggerfish (Food of the Week)

If there were ever a fish you shouldn’t feel bad about eating, consider the triggerfish. According to National Geographic, the colorful, bottom dwelling species is known to wreak havoc on reefs, with males keeping...
Seafood Half Moon Bay

Navio Morro Bay Cod (Food of the Week)

Build a restaurant above Half Moon Bay’s crashing waves and next to a top tier golf course and people are bound to flock there, no matter the quality of the food. Still, it was...