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Fish Los Angeles

Alexander’s Steakhouse Hamachi Collar (Food of the Week)

Bay Area restaurant group Alexander’s Steakhouse debuted a branch near Pasadena City Hall in 2015 and instantly gave CUT a run for its money as L.A.’s ritziest steakhouse. The dining room boasts A5 grade...
Fish San Francisco

Octavia Gulf Snapper (Food of the Week)

In recent years, very few spaces have the culinary track record of 1701 Octavia Street in San Francisco. The building in Lower Pacific Heights previously held The Meetinghouse, Quince, and Baker & Banker. In...
Banh Mi San Francisco

Bay Area Banh Mi Sandwiches Worth Seeking

Banh Mi, a sandwich that grew from almost seven decades of French colonialism in Vietnam, has a lasting legacy. Proteins vary, but other core ingredients typically include pickled daikon and carrot, jalapeños, cilantro, mayo,...
Ethiopian Food Los Angeles

Buna Ethiopian Market Fish (Food of the Week)

The one-block stretch of South Fairfax Avenue between Olympic Boulevard and Whitworth Drive is small but vital. Little Ethiopia, a name that Mayor James K. Hahn bestowed to the street in 2004, features Ethiopian...
Fish Los Angeles

Il Grano Beltfish with Green Garbanzo Beans (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

At Il Grano in West LA, chef-owner Sal Marino continues to churn out interesting Italian dishes inspired by seasonal California ingredients in an airy setting. He was born in L.A., but grew up in...
Fish Los Angeles

Rivera Loup de Mer a la Plancha (Food of the Week)

In the new movie, “Chef,” Jon Favreau plays Carl Casper, a Los Angeles chef who agrees with his restaurant’s owner to “play the hits” for an influential critic, resulting in a horrible review, a...