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Craft Beer San Diego

Interview: Stone Brewing Co. co-founder Steve Wagner

Steve Wagner was born in Chicago, raised on Los Angeles’ Palos Verdes peninsula and worked as a professional musician and Pyramid brewer before founding Stone Brewing Co. with Greg Koch in 1996. They’ve built...
Sour Beer San Diego

Hours of Sours Flow at Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Brewing Co. put on quite the sour beer show last Sunday. 49 bottled selections, 53 beers on tap and the sun shined brightly in the sky. OK, I can’t give them credit for...
Craft Beer San Diego

A Rolling Stone

That buzzing you have heard is the beer community reacting to the massive expansion news coming out of Stone Brewing. When we make the pilgrimage to Escondido in 2013, the landscape will be a...
Craft Beer San Diego

Interview: Stone Brewing Co. founder Greg Koch

Some breweries are just more brazen and aggressive, not only in their brewing style, but also in their marketing and sales push. In Southern California, look no further than Stone Brewing Co. founded by...
Craft Beer San Diego

Dr. Bill Sysak’s Lineup for Stone Sour Fest

In March, Dr. Bill Sysak took over as Beverage Coordinator of Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens. On July 19, he’s expected to take the third annual Stone Sour Fest to new heights in...
Brewery Logo San Diego

Stone World Bistro & Gardens: Gargoyles and Growlers

When we took a right up Citracado Parkway into an industrial area of Escondido, we were skeptical that this could be the location of a revered beer lover’s oasis, but that’s exactly what we...