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Eileen Hassi

Market Napa

Ritual Coffee: New Context at Napa’s Oxbow Public Market

So often, a company’s initial surroundings help frame perception. For instance, Ritual Coffee Roasters initially got branded as a hipster hangout because the company debuted in San Francisco’s Mission District. However, when owner Eileen...
Coffee San Francisco

Interview: Ritual Coffee Roasters owner Eileen Hassi

Specialty coffee roasters continue to proliferate, and thanks to companies like Ritual Coffee Roasters, which Eileen Hassi co-founded in 2005, it’s never been a better time to drink coffee in San Francisco. Her company...
Coffee San Francisco

Ritual Coffee @ Flora Grubb Gardens: Alfresco Espresso [CLOSED]

Since 2005, Ritual Coffee has built a reputation for being one of San Francisco’s top roasters, and my experiences have all been fairly positive, well, at least when it comes to what’s in the...
Coffee San Francisco

Ritual Coffee Roasters: Compelling Mission District Cafe

Eileen Hassi and Jeremy Tooker opened this Mission District coffeehouse in May 2005. Ritual quickly built a reputation as an excellent coffeehouse. Tooker left this year to open Four Barrel Coffee down the Valencia...