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Craft Beer Huntington Beach

Riip, New and Old Collaboration + Karl Strauss DTLA

We return to Huntington Beach after last week’s visit to the latest Beachwood Brewing to check out Riip Beer Co. on the corner of PCH & Warner Avenue. The beer geek statisticians out there...
Craft Beer Maine

Allagash Little Brett + Indie Taproom Kick-Off

There are some breweries that you can simply count on. They aren’t trendy. They don’t do fruited IPAs or cloudy IPAs or, heck, even much IPA at all. That doesn’t mean they are not...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Hop Varieties, UnPresidential + A Community Beer

The unstoppable train that is the IPA seems to be speeding up. At this point it is best to jump onto the bitter bandwagon and learn more about the humulus lupulus. Some great websites...
Government Building Los Angeles

10 Top Craft Beer Destinations in Downtown Los Angeles

When you think of drinking in downtown L.A., you may not think beer at first. However, thanks to help from efforts like the Beer Chicks and their annual Downtown Beer Crawl, along with the...