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David Myers

Chef Los Angeles

Los Angeles Chefs Name Rising Talent

What’s next for Los Angeles? We asked five successful L.A. chefs Who’s the chef who’s worked for you either now or in the past who you believe is destined for greatness, and why? Their...
Chef Los Angeles

Interview: chef David Myers (Hinoki & the Bird, Comme Ca + Pizzeria Ortica)

David Myers has a few key factors in his favor as a chef: experience, curiosity and range. The driving culinary force behind the David Myers Group built up his base while working for powerhouse...
Yam Los Angeles

Hinoki & the Bird Roasted Yam (Food of the Week)

Century City, that concrete labyrinth of law offices, agent dwellings and shops, has hardly been known for surprises in my experience. Well, there was that one time I rode on the elevator with President...
Chef Los Angeles

The World’s Top Eating Destinations for Los Angeles Chefs

I asked 10 prominent L.A. chefs, “If you could travel to any city in the world right now, primarily to eat, what would it be and why?” The responses might surprise you. Victor Casanova...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Sona: David Myers Celebrates Seven Stylish Years on La Cienega [CLOSED]

Sona has been accumulating accolades for the past seven years, but fine dining rarely holds much appeal for me, so it was always a restaurant that remained simmering on the back burner. Meanwhile, ambitious...
Pizza Orange County

Pizzeria Ortica: Wood-Fired Hope at South Coast Plaza [CLOSED]

Cities have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Los Angeles may be the nation’s best when it comes to affordable ethnic restaurants. We certainly have our share of Italian food, but for many reasons, nobody...